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Chris and Nancy Momose


Chris is the pastor at Ikoma Chapel, and also serves as the director of ICM in Japan.


He and Nancy were both born and raised in Pennsylvania, USA. His father was a second-generation Japanese-American. Chris became a Christian in his senior year of high school, and a few years later began to sense God’s call in his life to be a missionary to Japan. He has been a missionary in Japan since 1983 and Nancy since 1984.

Chris enjoys fishing (especially bass fishing), tennis, volleyball, ping-pong, and other sports. He and Nancy have four grown children. 

Chris has written or translated the following books:

Protestants and Catholics … Together?  (a bilingual Bible study workbook comparing the official teachings of the Roman Catholic Church with the Bible)

The Miracle Visas  (a biographical children’s novel about Chiune “Sempo” Sugihara, who helped to save thousands of Jews from the Nazis during WWII) 

Eternal Blessings  (a translation of a short book on the biblical stand on idolatry and ancestor worship, written by Akira Takimoto).

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